Want To Create An Incredible Marriage Without Changing Your Spouse (Or Getting Rid Of Your Step Kids)?

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Want To Create An Incredible Marriage Without Changing Your Spouse (Or Getting Rid Of Your Step Kids)?

Tell Me How
Hi there!

My name is Mindy Neal and I’m a Certified Life Coach.

I help women who have been divorced and remarried, create the marriage of their dreams and find joy in their blended family—even if it looks nothing like they thought it would. Best of all, I teach them how to do all this without their husband having to change a thing—or without trading him in for a new one 😉

Don't take my word for it, hear what my clients have to say...

  • “I have to tell you thank you for the pizza analogy you shared a few months ago in our coaching session (about the fact that some people don’t like pizza). My son was having trouble with kids at school saying they didn’t want him on their table and the pizza analogy came to my mind. It worked so great for him because he loves pizza. I really think he walked away knowing that someone not liking him doesn’t make him any less.”

    -Tonya A.
  • “Hey Mindy, just wanted to let you know I’m in a new relationship. We’re on the same page about so much and it’s refreshing. I hear your voice in my head, everything you’ve taught me about owning my own emotions and not taking on other people’s and it has helped so much! Thank you!”

    -Jen O.
  • “If anyone is struggling with marriage or other personal matters in life, Mindy Neal is a wonderful life coach and has helped me through a lot of things these last couple of months. I highly recommend her!!! 💗”

    -Candice W.
  • “I never thought 20 minutes could change my life until I started coaching with Mindy. Every week I have insights that blow my mind. It’s remarkable.”

    -Jessie L.
  • “Thank you for your brilliant coaching on epic fails and white sugar. I’ll definitely get a lot of fun this year 😊”

    -Laura T.
  • “A giant thank you to Mindy. We had a coaching call on Tuesday and it was seriously life changing for me. I have been thinking about and processing our call non stop since Tuesday. Thank you Mindy for your insight and wisdom regarding the 5pm family hour. You helped me in more ways then you will every know. Life Changing!!!”

    -Emily F.


Don’t just accept that you’ll never have the kind of marriage you’ve always wanted. Don’t resign yourself to either settling for less or calling it quits.

There is another option.


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