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For most of my life I was completely unaware of the fact that my thoughts create my results. Things happen to us. People happen to us. We make choices, good and bad. I thought life was a complicated formula including various moving parts and my result somehow came out the end of it all. Clearly I had a role in my results, but a lot of it felt out of my control.

How dis-empowering is that? I believed God gave us agency. And yet I didn’t think I actually got to choose my results. So interesting.

When I first started to learn that I was creating my results with my thoughts, things got worse. I had been miserable before but at least I thought it was someone else’s fault. Now I knew I was creating my own misery. That’s a hard pill to swallow in the beginning.

Most of us can’t just rewire our brains in one fell swoop; it’s takes a while of learning and practice to really start seeing changes. So for the first little bit, you can only see how you’ve created your results AFTER you’ve already created them. I call this the phase of awakening. As you start to see and understand that you’ve really created all the results in your life, it’s a total paradigm shift. It’s frustrating to see it after the fact without being able to do anything in advance, but it’s also fascinating and eye-opening. You aren’t seeing huge changes in your life yet, but there are monumental changes happening in your brain.

Eventually you’ll start noticing how you’re creating your results in the middle of creating them and you’ll be able to stop and pivot. You’ll be aware in the moment. You’re no longer a victim of your circumstances or of the people around you. You’re done blaming. You know the power is yours, you’re taking responsibility for your results, you just haven’t mastered the skills yet. You’re in the process of rewiring your brain. I call this the phase of enlightenment.

Finally, you’ll start deciding in advance how you want to think about things. You won’t wait until you’re in the heat of it. You choose. You decide. You plan. You live your life on purpose. You decide what you want and you make it happen. This is the goal. I call this the phase of intention.

Ideally we would all live in the phase of intention all the time. But we can’t ever get rid of our human brains. We are running some pretty hefty programming that is hard to override sometimes. We may be able to live in phase 3 all the time in one area, but we’re still back in phase 1 in another. We may move between the phases depending on the day or the circumstance. It’s all ok. There is no right or wrong way. There is only learning and evolving. Wherever we are is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

I invite you to take this journey of transformation with me. Are you ready to start living your life on purpose? Are you ready to choose what you want and then create that reality? Are you ready to take responsibility for your life? Let’s do it together! It’s going to be an exhilarating ride!

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