How To Rewrite Your Triggers

We all have triggers. Someone says something. Someone does something. Something happens. And it feels like we’re immediately in a specific state of being. And because it feels automatic, we feel like we don’t have control over it.  That’s not actually how it works. It just feels that way. What really happens is someone says […]

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ATTN Women — You MUST Read This

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Each year I get the impression that most women struggle with this holiday in one way or another. If you would like to improve your experience at all this year, this post is for you. I’ve broken this down into a few specific categories for organizational purposes so you can […]

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How To Stop Battling With Yourself Over What You Want

We humans are funny creatures. We are constantly battling with ourselves over things we want. I want to lose weight AND I want to eat what I want. I want to get stuff done AND I want to watch Netflix. I want a clean toilet BUT I don’t want to clean the toilet. The battle […]

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Choice and Beliefs: Are You Being Intentional?

One of the first things I do with my coaching clients is separate out the facts from their story. We tend to think the facts of our lives are the problem. But we’re always wrong. It’s always the way we’re thinking about those facts.  When I first learned this principle and started separating out all […]

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How To Make Your Problems Disappear

It’s interesting to think about the idea that nothing is a problem until we make it a problem.  Life certainly doesn’t feel that way. But it’s interesting to play with.  I got into an argument with my dear husband last week. After the argument I let myself be upset for a while. I didn’t try […]

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How To Be Certain in Uncertain Times

I hear “everything is just so uncertain” multiple times every day. We are all very focused on the uncertainty of the future. Did you know the future has ALWAYS been uncertain? You could get in a car accident. You, or a loved one, could be diagnosed with something horrible. Your spouse could cheat on you […]

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Coronavirus and Social Distancing: Fasting From Life As Usual

Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days since many people are using fasting to help them lose weight. There are multiple ways to incorporate it into your life but the overall idea is giving your body windows of time where you don’t eat so it can rest and repair. Fasting improves metabolism, lowers blood […]

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COVID-19: How Do You Feel?

You are feeling fear and anxiety because you are human. Nothing has gone wrong here. You have a human brain. The human brain doesn’t like uncertainty. It likes to be afraid. It makes perfect sense that your brain is freaking out. But I want to tell you a secret. COVID-19 is not the reason you […]

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3 Steps To An Amazing Marriage

Earlier this week my hubby said to me “I think you became a life coach so you could stay married to me.” I didn’t argue. I was really struggling in my 2nd marriage when I found life coaching. I was afraid we weren’t going to make it. Now the opposite is true. I have the […]

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One of the Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’ve always been a pretty straight-forward person. I don’t pretend things are something they’re not. I’ve never been afraid of the truth. The truth is what it is. And I would much rather embrace it, deal with it, and be upfront about it. So imagine my surprise, when I discovered I actually lie to myself […]

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