Are You Delusional?

Last month my family went down to Arches National Park. You have to book a camp site at Arches 6 months in advance. And you can only do so during peak season since they leave all the sites open for walk-ups in the off season (I’m not a fan of walk-ups, whole different story). I’ve […]

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Loving People is Selfish

I want you to think about the person you love most in the whole world. Think of a time you felt totally consumed with love for this person. Maybe you’re thinking of the beginning of a relationship or perhaps your wedding day. Some of my favorite moments are just the ordinary everyday moments. We’ll be […]

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How I Went From Needing to Be Right to Loving Being Wrong

My 11-year-old son hates it when I’m right. Which is pretty much always. At that age, their brains just can’t fathom that they don’t know everything. I find it highly amusing to watch that moment of realization cross his face only to be quickly replace by stubborn defiance. If I’m being honest, I do love […]

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My Spouse Had an Affair... So What?

One of my classmates at the Life Coach School starting talking about things as BLC (before life coaching). I love it because it’s so true; we see everything differently now. BLC, this headline would have infuriated me. So what? Seriously? Infidelity Divorce Addiction Losing a job Kid’s choices Medical Diagnosis Death Disconnected Marriage Special Needs […]

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It Will Be Better When...

It will be better when I’ve lost the weight. It will be better when my kids are a little older. It will be better when I’m married. It will be better when I’m married to someone else. It will be better after I’ve graduated. It will be better when we’re out of debt. It will […]

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Why I Loved Being a Single Mom

My brief jaunt into the singles world after my divorce was fascinating. I don’t do anything halfway so after my divorce was final I went all in. I signed up with a bunch of dating apps, joined some Facebook groups, and started going to mid-singles activities. Let me digress a little here for those of […]

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The Secret To Having Amazing Relationships

As I pull into my driveway I’m thinking about how awful my day has been. The commute home from work was a nightmare. My boss was on my case all day. He can’t give me 12 projects to do and then expect them all to be done in 15 minutes. A headache has been building […]

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The Manual

I was sitting on the couch one afternoon, reading a book, and waiting for my new husband to come home. We’d only been married a couple weeks. We were still in that glorious honeymoon phase and I was loving it. My first marriage had been void of physical affection for years so this relationship had […]

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I Am the Storm

A few years ago my husband of 15 years told me he didn’t love me anymore and left me for another woman. I made this mean a whole slew of things about myself, about the kind of wife I was, and about the kind of woman I was. How could I not? We had promised […]

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