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Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days since many people are using fasting to help them lose weight. There are multiple ways to incorporate it into your life but the overall idea is giving your body windows of time where you don’t eat so it can rest and repair.

Fasting improves metabolism, lowers blood sugar, lessens inflammation, clears out toxins and damaged cells, improves health issues, lowers risk for cancer, and enhances brain function, among other things.

But it isn’t exactly enjoyable.

I practice intermittent fasting every day and, rather than referring to my non-eating window as my fasting window, I call it my repair window. I like the idea that I’m giving my body the chance to take care of me so I can operate at peak performance.

But this article isn’t about eating or not eating.

Our lives look a little different right now. Most of what I hear and see on social media indicates that this change is very bad and not at all desired.

And that’s how it feels sometimes when you’re fasting.

But what if we all need this window to rest and repair?

We are spending more time at home with our families. Maybe our families needed a repair window for us to reconnect and remember what’s most important.

Since we aren’t running around, doing all the things we’re normally doing, we have more time for quiet reflection. We have the opportunity to look at our lives and decide if we’re living the lives we want to live, if we’re being the people we want to be. Maybe we needed a repair window to actually slow down and examine our lives.

Many have lost jobs, either temporarily or permanently. Maybe this repair window is exactly what they needed to decide if this is really what they want to be doing for work. And to tap into their true self and think of what they really want to be doing, and how to make it happen.

I’m not a climate changer, global warming, tree hugging kind of girl. I believe the planet is here for us, not the other way around. But I do love this planet and think we should always take care of things we love. Factories have been closed and transportation has been drastically reduced. When you look at the NASA pictures of China you can see an obvious difference. Maybe the planet needed a repair window to take a breather and reset.

Fasting feels uncomfortable. But our bodies need time to repair.

The situation we all find ourselves in may feel uncomfortable. Use this time to rest and repair. Repair and strengthen your relationships with others and with yourself. Examine your life and make repairs where needed. Take the time to determine if you’re really living the life you want to live and being the person you want to be.

Fasting is temporary. This won’t last forever. Might as well take advantage of this opportunity we’ve all been given.

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