How to destroy it and get your power back

Did you know 70% of blended-family marriages end in divorce? Do you want to be in the 30%?  

Download now to learn what's secretly weakening your blended family and how to destroy it so you can start creating the marriage and blended family you want. 

You'll learn...

  • The secret word that can change everything and make all the difference
  • How to stop feeling powerless
  • How to create the marriage you want without your husband, stepkids, or exes having to change
  • The common mistake most people make in their relationships
  • How to end the struggle and enjoy your blended family as is
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Mindy Neal’s “Claim Your Power” Formula, that she delivers through her group coaching program—the 30% Club— is exactly what you need to stop the struggle and start creating the marriage of your dreams.

Mindy has coached over 2000 people and spends her days helping women create lives they never dreamed were actually possible. She believes a good marriage drastically impacts the quality of your life and she’s on a mission to help women, whose odds are NOT in their favor, get what they’ve always wanted.

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