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I have 7 blisters on my feet, one of which is the size of Montana. I hiked 40 miles in 3 days. I carried a pack that weighed 20% of my body weight. I forged rivers. I scaled mountains using chains to keep me from falling to my death. I slept on the ground. I ate dehydrated food. I drove for 10 hours straight on both ends to get to and then back home from it all. And why did I do this? Take a look.

My trip to Havasupai this weekend is a perfect example of the kind of life I want to live. My pictures don’t even come close to letting you experience the breath-taking awe that enveloped me as I gazed upon this beautiful oasis. But I hard to earn this experience…with a LOT of discomfort.

We life coaches like to say “Discomfort is the currency to your dreams.”

Everything worth accomplishing in life requires you to grow, to stretch beyond your current capacity. And let’s face it, that isn’t comfortable. To become the next best version of yourself requires you to get uncomfortable.

We often call this “The River of Misery.”

It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It can be downright miserable. It requires work. But it doesn’t last forever. Just like my hike.

And on the other side of that discomfort is the life you want to live; the goals you want to accomplish; the person you want to be.

Deciding to go to The Life School and get certified to be a life coach was not comfortable. I didn’t have the money. I didn’t know how I would pay for it. I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it. I didn’t know how I would make the money back. I had no idea how to start a business or find clients. And that’s just for starters…

Deep within each of us is a desire to create, to grow, to evolve, to learn. But with that comes the possibility of failure. With that comes fear of the unknown. With that comes the work and discomfort required to actually obtain it.

All the hard work of getting to Havasupai is 1000% worth it. I just got back late last night so I say this as I’m limping around with those 7 blisters on my feet and sore calf muscles. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

Discomfort is one of new favorite emotions. Discomfort means I’m stretching myself beyond my current capacity; that I’m evolving to the next best version of myself. Discomfort means I’m going after my dreams and creating the life I want instead of letting life just happen to me.

Discomfort means I get to experience awe-inspiring beauty in my life. Every. Single. Day.

What about you? Are you choosing comfort or discomfort? Do you like your results?

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