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Too many years ago to count, I was a young kid in Elementary School. I was having some trouble seeing the chalkboard. My parents took me to get my eyes examined and sure enough, I needed glasses.

When I put my glasses on for the first time, the whole world changed. Everything looked different. Things were so much clearer. I couldn’t believe how much I had been missing out on. It was like taking the actual TV I was watching back in the 80s and changing it to 4K HD.

I’ve been coaching my face off these days. All day, every day, I coach people from all walks of life. I coach people on every kind of problem you can imagine. I’ve come to realize that, regardless of your current vision status, we all have areas of our lives where we need glasses. When it comes to our own lives, most of us just don’t see things very clearly, if at all. And pretty much every single problem we have is a result of poor vision.

I have become a vision expert. I can see what my clients cannot see. Our coaching sessions are simply vision exams. Together, we figure out the correct prescription and try out new glasses. When I see the look on my client’s face, as they try on their new glasses for the first time, the experience is unforgettable and more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. And for my clients, it’s life-changing.

So where did this poor vision come from?

Our primitive brain’s job is to keep us alive. It is always on the lookout for danger. But it can’t tell the difference between an actual life-threatening situation and public speaking, or rejection, or failure. All are dangerous. And since your brain wants to avoid danger at all costs (to keep you alive), it will say anything to convince you to stay away from the danger.

Our brain’s job is literally to suspect that something is wrong with us or that something is wrong with our lives. And then it goes to work trying to convince us. So we will stay safe.

If you believe your brain when it tells you there’s something wrong with you, it’s time for new glasses. There is nothing wrong with you. You are 100% worthy and lovable exactly as you are. Helping people see this about themselves may be my very favorite part of being a coach.

If you believe your brain when it tells you your life is not as it should be, or that you don’t have enough, or that something has or could go wrong and you should be worried, it’s time for new glasses.

When you get new glasses you’ll see things differently. You’ll see that everything is exactly as it should be. Everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be happen. That truth lives inside you. When you do the work to tap into it, you’ll recognize it. Helping a client see this in a coaching session is the best part of my day.

I’m like an optometrist who helps you see yourself and your life the way it truly is, instead of the way you’ve been viewing it with your foggy lenses your entire life.

It’s not your fault. No matter what our lives look like, we all develop foggy lenses and that’s ok. It’s part of being human.

But coaching has done more to help me embrace my true value, to understand and live my religion, to minimize resistance in my life, to feel more connected to other people, to enjoy my family exactly as they are, and to live a life of intention than anything else ever.

That’s why I do this. It’s why I keep showing up in your inbox and your Facebook feed, hoping to give you a glimpse of what your life can look like when you get new glasses.

As a coach, I take people on a journey. They let go of what’s familiar and discover that something so much better exists on the other side. Those who are willing to do the work, to be uncomfortable, and to try looking through a new lens are forever changed and I am so blessed to get to witness it. I seriously have the best job ever.

If you crave growth and suspect that with a little help, you could be ten times the person you are now, sign up for a free mini session on my website, or shoot me an email. Let’s get you fitted for some new glasses.

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